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San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula is a gateway to the Bay Islands and Copan, and it's divided into four quadrants based on the old Spanish system of building cities. The streets are numbered, with avenues leading from north to south and streets from east to west. San Pedro Sula makes a great place from where to launch your discovery of Honduras. It's not that hard to get around, and taxis are everywhere and fairly inexpensive. Geographically blessed with many attractions nearby, it is connected by the most complete network of highways in Central America, making it very easy to visit the different points of interest in the area.

"El Cusuco National Cloud Forest Park" which is located just west of San Pedro Sula in the impressive Merendon Mountain Range that dominates the city, is a beautiful park with excellent infrastructure for tourists in Honduras. Perhaps the most famous of all the different species living in the park is the enigmatic Quetzal, famed to be the loveliest of all tropical birds, which has been put at the brink of extinction because of loss of habitat as well as over hunting because of its beautiful long tail feather.

San Fernando de Omoa is one of the most impressive fortifications built by the Spaniards to protect themselves from the fierce pirates. Today it stands as silent testimony to an important, yet difficult period in Honduran history. After touring the site, you will have a chance to bathe in the Caribbean beaches near Puerto Cortes.

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